Our Prices Are Flat-Rate, All-Inclusive, and Customized For You!

From experience, we know that every event - and every client - is unique. So why would we use one-size-fits-all pricing? Tell us your event’s details and your vision, and we will give you a fair, flat-rate price that includes everything you need from equipment to consultation.

We will customize your quote according to several factors. Your event’s location, the date, length of service, complexity of menu, and the venue’s details will help us determine exactly what you will require for delighted guests, short lines, and beautiful cocktails. Weekday events, off-season receptions, and simple menus will cost less than peak-season weddings with a lot of moving parts, for example. Venues with an in-house bar area require less setup and hardware than those that need a portable pop-up bar. No matter what the event, we will never charge you for setup time, cleanup time, equipment rental, or additional (i.e. hidden) gratuity, and the price we quote is the price you pay!

Click below to request a free, detailed, and customized quote for your event, or text us at (407) 451-9543.

What’s Different About Our Pricing?

We never charge additional gratuity.

No rental fees - all equipment is included.

Setup and cleanup is on our time, not yours.

You tell us what you need, we quote a flat rate, and that is what you pay.

Every event is unique, so why use one-size-fits-all pricing? Some clients have the details planned and just need simple staffing, while others need help from start to finish, and everything in between. If you don’t require much equipment or planning, we will charge you less, and we think that is the way it should be. Just tell us about your party and we will provide you a fair, upfront quote that covers everything!

Included with every booking:

  • Unlimited consultation via phone, email, and text

  • Early arrival for setup

  • We cleanup to venue standards and organize your materials

  • Detailed service checklist to make sure we have everything covered

  • All equipment (shakers, strainers, bar spoons, pour spouts, bar mats, cooler, pitchers, knife and cutting board, and more!)

  • Hand taps and plastic tubs for kegs (upon request)

  • Water dispenser w/ compostable cups

  • Chalkboard beverage menu

  • Beverage napkins

Some additional services we offer:

- Champagne toast with glass flutes ($1 per piece)

- Coffee station with organic java and fully-stocked condiment arrangement ($.80 per adult)

- Scratch lemonade and iced tea with glass dispensers ($1.25 per guest)

- Cocktail garnish package (aromatic bitters, real Maraschino cherries, artisanal olives, sugar cubes, Sweet and Dry Vermouth) ($2.50 per guest)