What's included?

Every booking comes with:

  • Professional, bubbly bartenders
  • Early arrival for setup
  • Cleanup to venue standards
  • Bar tools, coolers, and beer tubs
  • Jockey box or hand taps for kegs
  • Beverage napkins, straws, and garnish picks
  • Unlimited consultation and support
  • Full liquor liability insurance coverage
  • No additional fees

Do I pay additional gratuity?

Our straightforward pricing means the quote we give you is all that you owe! We do assume that you and your guests are comfortable with a tasteful tip jar during the beverage service. If you would rather arrange a gratuity yourself, no problem! All tips given by the client or guests go directly to the staff and are always appreciated, but never mandatory. 

Who provides the alcohol?

We are excited to be in the process of attaining our liquor resale permit in Early 2018! Until then, we require the client to pay for the alcohol - but we can do the rest! We can arrange wine tastings and concierge service with local retailers, including delivery.